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Classified Text Ads

Advertise your course, product, sale, or service (anything except a job ad!) with a classified advertisement on our Classified Advertising webpage

Classified Text Ad Pricing
    30 days on website . . . . . $105
    60 days on website . . . . . $190
    90 days on website . . . . . $275

Ads may be up to 300 words long. You may use bold/italics in your advertising format and you may include live links to your website, email, etc.

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Banner Display Ads

Place a banner ad on our website or in our e-newsletter This Just In.

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Choose one (or more) of these three banner ad types:Banner Ad Sample Sizes
  • LEADERBOARD BANNER AD . . . . . 728p x 90p
    Will appear and rotate with up to two other ads on our home page and calendar page
    For ideal ad viewing please include a mobile version of your ad as well . . . 336p x 280p
  • SIDEBAR BANNER AD . . . . . 250p x 250p
    Will randomly rotate on secondary pages on our website
  • EMAIL NEWSLETTER BANNER AD . . . . . 560p x 100p
    Will appear in our email newsletter, This Just In, published every two weeks on Thursday. 
Ads should be submitted in eps, jpg, or PDF format. Ads will link to the page on your website designated by you. Banner ads may be purchased for all of our programs, including job postings, education, for sale, etc.

BANNER AD PRICING:  Leaderboard and Sidebar
     30 days on website . . . . . $150
     60 days on website . . . . . $250
     90 days on website . . . . . $350
     Full year on website . . . . .$1200

BANNER AD PRICING:  Email Newsletter Banner Ads
     One issue . . . . . $75
     Two issues . . . . .$140
     Three issues . . . $195
     Four issues . . . . $240

Maximum of two ads included in each e-newsletter issue. Your ad will appear in the next available issue. Ads will be placed between newsletter stories and/or at the bottom of the newsletter above the footer. Placement will be based on space availability and at the discretion of staff. All paid advertisements will include an "Advertisement" tag above the ad. Each ad will link to the website, email, etc. you provide at the time of order.

If you would like to specify a later placement date, contact us at to make arrangements.

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To order a job board employment advertisement, please visit our Job Board.

If you have any questions about placing an order, please contact us at or (800) 554-5569.