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COMING TO SEATTLE: Physical Therapy Mental Health Bootcamp

Physical Therapy Mental Health Bootcamp! Are you looking to prevent burnout in yourself, your colleagues or your team members? Then this course is for you.

APRIL 27-28, 2024 - Saturday & Sunday
Dr. Joe Tatta and Dr. Jeremy Fletcher of the Integrative Pain Science Institute will be in Seattle for this 2-day interactive training focused on training PTs and PTAs on how to best handle the challenges of health care from a mental health perspective. This course will award 14 CEUs on-site, then another 20 CEUs for online learning post-class.

To learn more and enroll go to:
You can also contact directly to learn more about the course.

Cost: $675 for clinicians and $540 for students. (Please contact Dr. Orit Hickman at the email above to get your coupon code for discount)
Participants: PT/PTA clinicians/ students, PT/PTA instructors

John F. Barnes’ Fascial Pelvis Myofascial Release Seminar

May 10-12, 2024
Spokane, WA
Doubletree Hilton – Spokane

To register, call 1-800-FASCIAL (327-2425) ext.4 or visit our website at

Our experience has shown that over 90% of patients suffering with lumbar and pelvic pain, menstrual problems, cervical pain, and headaches have imbalances in the pelvis creating fascial restrictions throughout the body. This introductory seminar will teach you a logical, step-by-step progression of techniques for treating the lumbo-pelvic region in a comprehensive and effective manner. Specific Myofascial Release, Joint Mobilization and Muscle Energy Techniques for the Erector Spinae, Pelvic Floor, Sacro-Iliac Joints, Quadratus Lumborum, Lumbar Area, Psoas, Lower Extremities and Sacrum.

As a result of this course, the participant will be able to explain and discuss pelvic alignment and dysfunction, describe theory, anatomy and physiology of the lumbopelvic area, identify and define lumbopelvic dysfunction, apply and differentiate principles to problems of the abdominal and lumbopelvic regions, evaluate and assess the pelvic girdle and bring it into balanced alignment, perform decompression techniques to the lumbosacral junction on a patient with compressive dysfunction, identify sacral iliac mobility dysfunction and apply myofascial/osseous techniques to alleviate the dysfunction and develop home exercise instruction to diminish pain, improve mobility, and bring the lumbopelvic region into balanced alignment.

Myopain Seminars Dry Needling Certification Courses

Not all certifications are created equal. The way Myopain Seminars presents its curriculum is safe and gives you confidence that’s unmatched in the field. You never have to turn a patient away because you don’t know how to needle a certain muscle. Our programs are the most extensive in the field, with access to education and training for over 75 different muscles, so you’re always prepared. Whether you want to fast-track your dry needling education or space it out at your convenience, we’re constantly opening new courses for registration across the country, and most recently in the state of Washington!

Dry Needling Certification Program
APRIL 19-21, 2024 - Friday-Sunday (DN1) - Bellingham, WA
JUNE 7-9, 2024 - Friday-Sunday (DN2) - Bellingham, WA
AUGUST 16, 2024 - Friday-Sunday (DN3) - Bellingham, WA

MAY 31-JUNE 2, 2024 - Friday-Sunday (DN1) - Tonasket, WA
AUGUST 9-11, 2024 - Friday-Sunday (DN2) - Tonasket, WA

The Myopain Seminars Dry Needling Certification Program is the premier course program for attaining your Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist – Dry Needling (CMTPT/DN) credentials and certification. By enrolling in our program and attending Myopain Seminars courses, you’re making the decision to not only progress your career as a clinician but also elevate your capabilities above others in your field. You’ll bring new treatment options to the table for alleviating your patients’ pain, and your practice will have access to the latest developments in pain science. For more information on the value of attaining your dry needling certification, you can read our blog about the topic.

To learn more and enroll go to:
Myopain Seminars 240.396.6946


APTA Learning Center

APTA's Learning Center provides a full range of online courses, including the Telehealth Certificate series. Some courses are free for members.

For Lease / Sale

FOR SALE: Pacific Northwest Hand Therapy Practice (1223)

Established in 2010, this practice has offered high-quality, respected, specialized therapy services to its clients with upper limb impairments. The practice’s service by revenue breakdown is 98.5% hand therapy and 1.5% other. In 2022, the practice had a total of 7,044 patient visits, an increase of 5.7% over the previous year. Year to date patient visits as of April 5, 2023, are 1,932, a 5.4% year-over-year increase. For the past three (3) years, the practice has averaged gross revenue of ~$817,936 (2020-2022). The practice’s success can be attributed to the superb level of care provided to each patient, the caring and knowledgeable staff, the stellar reputation in the community, and the word-of-mouth referrals from numerous happy clients. The practice currently employs seven (7) individuals, including the owner, who is willing to provide transition assistance and help with goodwill transfer, business development, and other “mentoring” functions for an agreed-upon period of up to twelve (12) months.

To take advantage of this exciting business opportunity, call us at 253.509.9224 or email, with "1223 Pacific Northwest Hand Therapy Practice" in the subject line.

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GLP Personal Injury Attorneys

GLP Personal Injury Attorneys proudly supports APTA Washington and the Pacific Northwest physical therapy community. Since 1986, we have been committed to standing by our clients from injury to recovery and supporting the communities we serve in every corner of Washington State and our region.

We have teams in 10 offices that carefully undertake all aspects of a personal injury case to alleviate the stress and frustration inevitably caused by the claims process – leaving you and your patients free to focus on treatment and rehabilitation.
  • We compassionately care for your patients, working diligently and creatively for the best possible outcome.
  • We are committed to ensuring your patients are fully compensated and that payments for your services are made directly to you.
  • We are a collaborative resource for you and your staff. From medical liens and chart notes to insurance and billing, no question is ever too small - an attorney is always available to talk to you. In addition, we are pleased to provide complimentary continuing education seminars for you and your staff each year. Visit the Provider Resources page on our website for valuable tools and information to support your personal injury patient practice.
GLP Attorneys
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