Mailing List Rental - Order Form

List Information

Our mailing list includes approximately 2,600 to 2,800 member names. The list includes approximately 1,750 Physical Therapists, 135 Physical Therapist Assistants, and 650 PT and PTA students. Each member is labeled as such in the electronic mailing list. Some of our members have chosen to not have their mailing information released to third parties and have also chosen whether they would like to receive their mail at either a business or home address.

APTA and APTA Washington policy prohibits the release or sale of email addresses. We do NOT release email addresses, telephone or fax numbers.

Pricing and Ordering Information

  • $280 for full list - Non-APTA Members
  • $200 for full list - APTA members
  • Mailing list orders are usually processed and sent to you within one or two business days.


Lists are rented for one-time use only and are the exclusive property of APTA Washington. The chapter takes appropriate measures to detect unauthorized use. Any reuse, reproduction, redistribution or recording of the information in the list is prohibited and will result in the user paying $280 for each unauthorized use.

Mailings may not include any reference to APTA Washington or APTA.


The following categories of people and organizations are eligible to use the APTA Washington mailing list:
  • Commercial organizations whose products are eligible for advertising in American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) or APTA Washington publications;
  • Nonprofit or philanthropic organizations, such as recognized and accredited schools and national foundations;
  • Recognized and reputable health organizations;
  • Persons or organizations that provide continuing education for PTs and PTAs;
  • APTA Washington or APTA members for promotional needs on a case-by-case basis;
  • Elected officials or candidates who have been sponsors of APTA Washington or APTA legislation
Companies linked to the financial gain of referrals are not eligible to rent the APTA Washington mailing list.

Mailing List Order Terms of Use

I agree: This company is not linked to the financial gain of its referral source

I have read and agree to the Guidelines and Limitations above for rental of the PTWA mailing list

I have sent a sample of mail piece to PTWA at, faxed to 360-352-7298 or mailed to 208 Rogers St NW, Olympia, WA 98502

Mailing List Details

APTA Member Number (if applicable):

I would like the entire Membership ($280/$200 for members)

I have coordinated with PTWA for a locale specific or other special sort option

Type of sort:
Amount quoted: $

Mailing List Format

Self adhesive labels ($30, includes cost of printed labels and postage to you.)

Electronic (Excel format unless arranged otherwise)


Mailing lists are usually processed and sent within two - three business days.