Poster Presentation Registration Form

A digital copy of your poster will be displayed on the conference microsite from September 1 to December 31, 2023. A list of posters will be provided to registrants and a link to the poster page will also be promoted to the general membership via email and social media. For an example of how your digital poster may look on the conference microsite, view this example on last year's conference site.

We accept all poster registrations, so there is no pre-approval or selection process necessary. APTA Washington reserves the right to reject a poster if the content is inappropriate or not relevant to the scope of practice for physical therapy.

Final deadline to submit poster registrations is August 31, 2023.


Please provide contact information for the main poster presenter in case chapter staff have questions about your poster or the information you provide.

This contact information will NOT be published with your poster and is for internal use only. The information you provide in this section may be different from the contact information in the next section.


The following items will be displayed with a digital version of your poster.
  • Poster Title
  • Names of Poster Authors
  • PDF Copy of Poster
  • Email for More Information (optional) . . . For members to contact you if they have additional questions about your research.
  • Link to More Information (optional) . . . If you have a website with additional information or research that you would like to provide to members.


Please email a digital copy of your poster to Preferred format of the poster is JPG, PDF, EPS. If you have questions or issues with submitting your poster, please feel free to contact chapter staff at or by phone at (800) 554-5569.