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Chair: Lauren Bilski
Vice Chair: Rachel Jarvie
Additional Members:
Secretary: VACANT - Volunteer for the Secretary Role!

Treasurer: Aude Puyfoulhoux

Social/Networking Chair: Rachel Boziwick 
Student Liaison: VACANT - Apply for the Student Liaison Position!

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Secretary Job Description:  
1) Creates polls to collect feedback and enhance the member experience 
2) Manages email communications with district members 
3) Participates in district and board meetings and maintains official records 
4) Maintains spreadsheet of meeting attendees and course participation 
5) Creates quizzes and CEU certificates for meetings

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Student Liaison Job Description:
Time commitment 4-5 hours/month 

1) Provides a student perspective on what is happening among SPT/SPTA programs and experiences
2) Assists with social media platforms
3) Communicates with students regarding King County events and activities 
4) Participate in district events and activities as able including PT Day of Service, PT Pub Night, and District Meetings

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APTA of Washington King County Student Outreach Committee
Definition:This committee educates, inspires and mentors a diverse group of middle school, high school and college students about physical therapy in King County.  

Mission Statement:Our mission is to introduce the profession of physical therapy and provide mentorship to King County’s BIPOC* students in the hope of inspiring a new and diverse generation of leaders in the physical therapy profession. *black, indigenous, and people of color Vision Statement:Our vision is that the physical therapy profession will represent the diverse communities we serve.  

Diversity, Mentorship, Cultural competence, Transparency,  Inclusiveness, Representation, Leadership 

Apply for a Leadership Role in the Student Outreach Committee

  • Organize bi-annual school presentations
  • Point person for contacting/scheduling schools for presentations
  • Coordinate presentations n schools 
  • Develop materials and communications to advertise presentations
  • Email follow up emails to schools with a feedback survey
  • Brainstorm other events that the committee can put on
  • Create doodle poll to send to members to determine availability for meetings 
  • Initiate Zoom invite for meetings and send reminder emails about meetings
  • Take notes at meetings
  • Email a follow-up email after each meeting with summary and action item
  • Create a budget for funds
  • Document what funds go to
  • Allocate funds accordingly
Mentorship Coordinator 
  • Review mentee and mentor application including conducting mentor interviews and contacting references
  • Recruit and train mentors to participate in the program 
  • Manage necessary paperwork for mentors and mentees including background checks 
  • Ensure HIPAA and FERPA training are completed and saved on file
  • Match mentor and mentees and monitor that meeting occur at the designated frequency with appropriate supervision
  • Act as the coordinator for mentees, mentors, parents, and the school for questions and conflict resolution
  • Document and completing mandatory reporting 
  • Find a site coordinator for the school of each youth to get information on grades, determine supervision, create place of mentorship
  • Manage feedback surveys for all components of the program and implement changes based on feedback

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