Centennial Information and Stories

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As we celebrate APTA's Centennial in 2021 we will share Washington's participation on this web page. More Centennial celebration information can be found on the APTA Centennial web site.

Send Us Your Story!

Instructions and Guidance for Submitting Your Stories

Acceptable story formats:
  • Written word (250-word limit approximately); please include a photo for us to use with your words (original digital photo file, not a file downloaded from the internet). Photos that show your life or personality preferred, rather than headshots. Just sayin...
  • Video (three-minute limit approximately)
  • Audio file (three-minute limit approximately)
1. Submit your story by clicking button below. If you are unable to use Google, please email your files to info@aptawa.org along with your name, titles, email address, cell phone number, Instagram and Facebook URLs, and Twitter handle. We will not publish your email address or cell phone number with your story or in any story promotions.


2. We will begin posting stories on our website and promoting them via our usual channels on Founders’ Day, Friday, January 15, 2021 and will continue to post stories throughout 2021.

3. You may come up with your own narrative but if it helps to get your creative juices flowing, here are some questions and ideas to ponder:
  • What inspires you every day as a PT, PTA, or student?
  • What made you choose physical therapy as a profession? What has kept you in this field?
  • Tell us about a memorable patient.
  • What type of patient made/makes you excited to get to work each day?
  • How was physical therapy brought into your life?
4. Senders of the first four stories we receive will receive a Starbucks or Target gift card. (APTA Washington Centennial Task Force members not eligible for the gift cards.)

5. By submitting your story and related material, you acknowledge that you grant us permission to post your name and other information in public forums. Please do not submit stories if you wish to keep your information private. We will not publish your email address or cell phone number with your story or in any story promotions.

6. We reserve the right to edit material for clarity, length and suitability.