COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment and Information

How to Get the Vaccine

This information is dribbling in and we will post it as we receive it. Please stay tuned.
Because of the fast and furious nature of this situation, we also encourage you to explore word of mouth options.

All healthcare personnel are now in group 1a and eligible to receive the vaccine.

Washington State Dept of Health Statewide Vaccine Finder Tool
  • Complete the survey at this link to confirm your eligibility and to get information about sites near year that may be offering vaccine. 
  • Save or print the confirmation to take with you to get the vaccine. 
  • The supply of vaccines at these locations may ebb and flow. If one is no longer offering the vaccine, call another.
  • An additional county by county list of possible vaccine providers. 

Clark County Public Health

King County

Snohomish District
  • Submit a Voucher Sign-up Form
  • Once you submit the form you will receive an email asking qualifying questions. 
  • You will be notified of how and where to schedule an appointment to be vaccinated.

Spokane Regional Health District
From the Spokane Regional Health District:
Location and other factors regarding the vaccine distribution are still being determined and we do not currently have enough vaccines for everyone. We just need the following information to add you to our contact list and once there are sufficient vaccines for your phase we will reach out with information on when and where you can get the vaccine:
  • Name of Facility
  • Type of Facility (shelter, primary care, pediatrician, iso)
  • Primary Contact Name, email and phone
  • Number of staff needing vaccinated
  • Number of residents needing vaccinated (if applicable)
  • Do they have the ability to vaccinate in-house (licensed person on staff willing to do it)?
  • Any additional notes
Email this info to

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department

Thurston County
Find instructions and a link to a form to request the vaccine here.

Communication About the Vaccine

12-30-2020 - We're in Group 1A email

12-23-2020 - Vaccine update email

12-17-20 - This Just In enewsletter including awaiting the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) story about which groups are next to get vaccine.

12-14-2020 - Facebook vaccine update

12-7-2020 - Vaccine update email

Washington State Department of Health(DOH) COVID-19 vaccine information web page

DOH phase 1A vaccine allocation guidance (PDF)