Procedure and Guidelines for Offering Courses Through APTA WA's Webinar Program

  • We will accept proposals for live webinar courses, 60-90 minutes in length, for our online CE catalog. We will record the live courses to add to our self-paced learning library.
  • To submit a proposal, send us the following:
  1.   A filled out Webinar Speaker Data Sheet
  2.   A course description
  3.   Course objectives
  4.   A copy of the speaker’s (or speakers’) CV
  • Our webinar work group will look over your materials and let you know within 30 days whether the course has been accepted or if they have any questions.
  • After your course has been accepted, we will send you a contract.
  • In the contract, we will offer you a $100 honorarium.
  • You may waive this honorarium in order to include a promotional message (30 seconds or less) for your product or business.
  • If you choose to accept the $100 honorarium, APTA Washington may offer the promotional opportunity to another sponsor.
  • Once your course has been accepted by us and the contract signed, please complete your presentation within 60 days.
  • Once you tell us your presentation is completed we will contact you to schedule the live presentation date.
  • The live webinar will need to be scheduled between 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Pacific time (8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central time where our vendor SeminarWeb is located). We would suggest noon Pacific time.
  • Once we finalize a date with you, we will file the required request with SeminarWeb and soon after that they will contact you to schedule a technical rehearsal.
  • The webinar will be recorded. After the live session, the recorded version will be posted on our SeminarWeb web page for self-paced learning access.
  • Once our costs (which are quite low) have been covered, we will begin to split the proceeds between you and us until the agreed-upon honorarium has been reached.
  • Once we have reached the full honorarium amount you are owed, we will send you a check.
Additional Guidelines
  • Recorded courses become the sole property of APTA Washington. However, we will not reuse or redistribute any part of the content, except for APTA Washington program marketing purposes.
  • Continued inclusion of the course in the APTA Washington webinar library will be at the sole discretion of APTA Washington.
  • Presenters may not use material copyrighted by others in their presentations.