Member Benefits


Here are some of the benefits of PTWA membership.

Answers on Demand

We track down answers to questions for our members through our web form Ask PTWA or by email. Questions range from queries about ethics and scope of practice to product information and human resource management.

Discounted Continuing Education

PTWA Conferences 
Our annual three-day conference in the fall of each year features high quality education in multiple specialty areas. It's a chance for students and new grads to network with leaders in the profession, and a chance for friends from around the state to see each other and compare notes. 

PTWA District Courses
Each year in the spring, we offer a one-day course in one or two of our geographic districts. This is usually a lab course.

APTA Continuing Education
APTA offers numerous courses at locations around the country, as well as online and audio learning options.

Members receive discounts on all continuing education.

Legislative Advocacy

PTWA and APTA monitors and advocates for dozens of regulatory issues each year. In Washington, we usually focus on one or two priority issues that have been identified by members.
Each year we organize a day in Olympia where members are briefed so they may meet with their legislators about that year's issues.

Reimbursement Information and Advocacy

PTWA and APTA continually monitor trends and advocates for members regarding payment issues for public and private payers.
To ask a question or to let us know about an issue, use the Ask PTWA online form.

Membership Directory

Visit and search APTA's membership directory.

News and Information

  • Social Media: Connect to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for updates, photos and the occasional "just for fun" item.
  • Printed Newsletter: Six times per year, PTWA members receive a copy of our printed newsletter, PTWA Connections, which provides news with a focus on what's timely, what's useful - and what's interesting about our members' lives.
  • Email: PTWA members receive email messages about conference registration launching, early bird registration deadlines, calls to action and other single message news items.
  • Website: The PTWA website provides information about all of our programming, with links to programs provided by APTA, the Washington State Board of Physical Therapy and more.
  • Blog: Our blog, "This Just In," features thoughts and reports from leaders in the profession of physical therapy and mostly from Washington state.

Product and Service Discounts

Receive discounts on CareConnections, an introductory ISPI/EIM online pain course and Medbridge through our affinity discount program.

In addition to continuing education offerings, the APTA store provides products from educational journals and practice guides, to clinician's kits and monogrammed lab coats.

Additional products and services include: