DEI Survey Unearths Wide Range of Opinions

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Members expressed a wide range of opinions when asked for their definition and vision of DEI in a recent survey from, “Working to dismantle ableist, racist, sexist, and other discriminatory practices within the work place and within the community.” To, “A feel good activity that is a waste of time and resources instead of giving the best possible care to all patients.”

Of the 87 members who responded to our three-question survey, 51 (58.62%) said there is a DEI policy and/or procedure at their workplace.

When asked, “Which method can APTA WA use to help you understand DEI better?”, an equal number of people (18) indicated a webinar or article, 2 said a weekend course, 32 said “all of the above,” and 16 answered “other” specifying, “A series of articles with likely real scenarios a clinic will encounter,” “Opportunities to be included in initiatives,” “Whatever method is used, the lede (sic) needs to be how DEI is not a zero sum game. Advancing these causes will help all of us as a profession,” to simply, “We have enough,” and “Not interested. Thanks though.”

Joining APTA’s strategic objective to “foster the long-term sustainability of the physical therapy profession by making APTA an inclusive organization that reflects the diversity of the society the profession serves,” APTA Washington will use and continue to gather member input to move forward on our DEI journey.

APTA Washington DEI Special Committee web page
APTA DEI web page

Jammeh Appointed to PTA Position on Board of Physical Therapy

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In October 2020, Destini Jammeh, PTA, Certified Lymphedema Therapist, began serving in the PTA position on the Washington State Board of Physical Therapy, after being appointed by Governor Jay Inslee. Her term runs through September 2024. Jammeh is just the third person to serve in this role since a PTA rep was added to the board in 2009, after PTAs became licensed in Washington state.

A PTA in the MultiCare Health System, where she has worked in both the Auburn and Tacoma locations since 2010, Jammeh specializes in care to oncology patients. During clinical rotations she did a lot of wound care and after graduation worked in acute care, rehabilitation, and outpatient settings.

After a middle school career assessment pointed Jammeh toward physical therapy, she wasn’t sure this was the right choice because she was unsure of working with sick people. “I was young,” she said. After shadowing PTs and PTAs on the job she realized her interest in anatomy, physiology and sports made the profession a good match for her.
Jammeh received her Associate of Science in Allied Health/Health Services/Health Sciences from Trident Technical College in South Carolina. Originally from Georgia and mainly from the South, Jammeh visited a girlfriend who lived in the northwest and liked it so much she stayed. She also earned a Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Leadership from the University of Washington.

“I’m always looking for new opportunities for growth,” she says about applying for the Board of PT position, thinking the position would allow her to learn more about the profession and its regulatory side. “I’ve learned that so many things are not black and white. There’s a lot of gray,” she says.