Requirements to Offer Continuing Education Credit in Washington

Each course sponsor that wishes to offer continuing education credit must meet the criteria stipulated in the section on Continuing Competency in WAC 246-915-085 of The Law Relating to Physical Therapy, 18.74 RCW. There is no pre-approval or registration process. However, the continuing education must:
  • Specifically relate to the practice of physical therapy (i.e., be within the PT scope of practice).
  • Have specific goals and objectives relating to the practice of physical therapy (stated in behavioral terms, i.e., "Course participants will be able to discuss, understand, establish, demonstrate, etc.").
  • provide proof of completion via a certificate of completion (pertinent information for reporting continuing education credit includes course sponsors, goals and objectives, dates of attendance and total contact hours).        
In the event of an audit, the physical therapist must provide the documentation required by law to substantiate continuing education credit earned.

        To read the text of the PT Practice Act (i.e., The Law Relating to Physical Therapy, 18.74 RCW), visit the website for the Department of Health, Board of Physical Therapy.