Name and Meeting Requirements Among October Bylaw Change Proposals

APTA Washington
APTA Washington proposes a name change and a change to allow the chief delegate to be eligible to run for president. Members will be asked to vote on these changes at the 2021 Chapter Meeting - Business and Brews on Saturday, October 16.

Current marked up PTWA Articles of Incorporation

Current marked up PTWA bylaws

Proposed APTA Washington bylaws with changes accepted

APTA Washington Student SIG
The APTA Washington Student SIG proposes several changes to their bylaws, including changing meeting requirements and allowing electronic notice. Student members will be asked to vote on during the Student Conclave Business Meeting on Saturday, October 16, 2021. Choose the links below to see marked up copies of the current bylaws, as well as a copy of the bylaws with the changes accepted.

Current marked up sSIG bylaws

Proposed sSIG bylaws with changes accepted